Hello. My name is Tod Oace. I’m an engineer by day and a musician by night. My artist name is iOniC. I come from a musical family and I deeply enjoy music. I love listening to it and I love creating it. It often raises the hairs on my arms. I don’t know why that happens, but it is one of the best feelings I know.

During the past several years I’ve ramped up my electronic music skills focusing especially on the mix to produce warm detailed sound without harshness. I started incorporating acoustic sounds along the way and in 2017 I was able to purchase a beautiful Saraz handpan which is the featured instrument in my Wishing Well release. Since my Me to We release I've been working on more rhythmic as well as ambient content which I plan to start releasing in 2020 and possibly in what's left of 2019 if I am able.

Happy listening!