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Samples: 1. Eagle's Flight 2. Beauty 3. Both Sides of the mOOn 4. Portal 5. This Runs Deep 6. Spaceships

This album is a mostly mellow trip around Both Sides of the mOOn, starting with Eagle's Flight approaching the familiar view of the bright side of the mOOn. However unlike NASA's famous "Eagle" lunar module, we are not landing. There is great Beauty in the reflection of the Sun on the mOOn and of the glittering stars in the background. As we start an orbit around the mOOn, the dark far side appears and we can now see Both Sides of the mOOn. The impact of the darkness subtly grows as we approach the far side of the mOOn, as if we're passing through a Portal. This Runs Deep into the vast inky darkness containing the dark side of the mOOn and the shining stars. The sudden contrast is frightening, at first. Then it becomes clear it's just part of what was there all along and our mood lightens. And the brightness of the Sun and mOOn suddenly come into view and we are ponder the mysteriousness of our galaxy. Are there other Spaceships?