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This is my first new album release in many years and I’m very pleased with it. This album features my acoustic Saraz handpan on all tracks except Storm where I borrowed a Pantheon Steel handpan from a friend. I’ve blended in electronic instruments and effects on all tracks while also showcasing the beautiful handpan sound.

I purchased my handpan because I wanted to try and capture some of the rhythmic skill I’ve learned how to do with my fingers when I’m not actively recording. I’ve tried electronic percussion pads and an electronic drum set but was frustrated with the lack of sensitivity, and while I did have an acoustic drum set when I was a kid, that’s much louder than I want to be (plus my feet aren’t great on the pedals). So when my friend Allen purchased a handpan I thought a handpan might be a good opportunity for me. I was right! It’s relatively quiet, it wants fingers, it makes a surprising variety of sounds, and it integrates beautifully with the electronic music I love to create.

The music was pretty much done months ago and I was stressed about what to do for cover art for this album. Then suddenly one Sunday afternoon it was done after my wife suggested we look through our photos. As we were looking I spotted an idea in an eerie looking waterfall picture I had taken while out on a hike. After some photo editing out popped the cover art, and I felt so much relief and appreciation from it. I think it matches the music perfectly — dark and mysterious but also beautiful. I hope you enjoy it.